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blue-dot-web Through regularly conducting exercises, the NÚKIB can map approaches and understanding of various issues by various institutions as well as their level of ensuring cyber security.

blue-dot-web  Exercises give NCISA the opportunity to identify and highlight weaknesses and/or shortcomings in cyber security. By implementing the crisis scenarios, exercises can better outline possible negative consequences. In this regard, it is a very convincing and useful tool.

blue-dot-web Thanks to identified weaknesses and gaps, exercises contribute to the design, implementation, and verification of specific new or modified measures and solutions. Therefore, exercises are an excellent tool for verifying and revising policies and processes, such as institutional and legal frameworks, crisis management, media communication, etc.

blue-dot-web Exercises are an invaluable source of new knowledge, experience, and technical skills.

blue-dot-web Exercises provide outcomes that are further used to prepare other educational and raising awareness activities.

blue-dot-web Exercises not only help to map and identify the actual state of cyber security, but also to suggest ways to improve it..

blue-dot-web Lessons identified and acquired know-how are shared with other relevant entities. Exercises thus help to identify, define and confirm specific trends in the field. Sharing knowledge also deepens mutual cooperation and trust.

blue-dot-web Thanks to the demand and positive feedback from foreign partners such as the United States, South Korea or Taiwan, exercises have become a significant product with the potential to contribute to Czech foreign policy.

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