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Galileo is the European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS). It is being developed as a civilian equivalent to GPS and GLONASS. The Galileo Programme is managed by the European Commission, developed by the European Space Agency and operated by the EGNSS Agency based in Prague. The Programme is financed from the EU budget.

EGNSS characteristics:

  • System for determination of the exact location and time anywhere on Earth
  • Passive system - users receive signals emitted from satellites
  • Unlimited number of users

Structure of EGNSS Galileo:

  • Space segment
    • WALKER 27/3/1 constellation
    • Satellites broadcast on E1 (1575.42), E6 (1278.75) and E5 (1191.79 MHz)
  • Ground segment
    • GCC (Germany, Italy)
    • GSMC (France, Spain)
    • GSS-GRC; Up-Link; Telemetry, Tracking and Command
  • User segment

    Galileo Space segment

    Galileo Ground segment