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May 19, 2020

The Cybersecurity Council approved the National Cyber and Information Security Research and Development Plan to 2020. The national plan sets information and cybersecurity research priorities whose stable support is a key prerequisite for fulfilling the NÚKIB’s tasks in light of the state’s current and future needs. These are research topics that include protecting critical information infrastructure elements, maintaining the security and integrity of information in communication systems, and cryptological defence.

The national plan also sets five development goals including specific tools that will contribute to more intensive cooperation between the public, private, and academic communities for the overall development of the cyber and information security research and innovation environment. In terms of international cooperation, NÚKIB will develop contacts with leading foreign entities and become an active participant in mutually organized cybersecurity research and development at the EU level.

The national plan was created in close cooperation with the public, private, and academic communities with the goal of assuring the widest-possible agreement on the contents of this document.

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