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The Director of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NUKIB) Lukáš Kintr, and the Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) Gaby Portnoy, met in the "cyber capital of Israel" Beer Sheva. Lukáš Kintr visited Israel as a member of the delegation of Czech President Petr Pavel.

Besides the two directors, the signature of the Memorandum was attended by Czech President Petr Pavel. The document represents a further step towards strengthening relations between the two countries in cybersecurity. Initially, the Memorandum was planned to be signed in October 2023 in Prague on the occasion of the intergovernmental meeting between the Czech Republic and Israel. However, this did not take place due to the unprecedented attack by the terrorist organization Hamas on the State of Israel on 7 October 2023 and the subsequent war. The signing of this document at this time further symbolizes the mutual support and willingness to cooperate. Lukáš Kintr and Gaby Portnoy discussed among others, current threats in the cyber space caused by the war and related challenges for cyber security. Furthermore, both directors appreciated the level of cooperation and stressed the importance of working tightly together to increase cyber resilience and expand capabilities.

"The signing of the Memorandum is a natural development of the long-standing cooperation between the two institutions. Israel is one of the first countries where a Czech cyber attaché was sent. Thanks to his presence, we have been able to maximize the long-term benefits of cooperation with INCD, an internationally respected institution and leader in the field, which is behind the building of a unique, comprehensive system to ensure cybersecurity in Israel,” said Lukáš Kintr, director of NÚKIB, and added: “It was interesting to hear today what challenges the INCD faces in times of war and how it is trying to prevent cyberspace from becoming its next full-fledged battleground. The signature of the Memorandum will enable even closer cooperation between experts from both institutions, including effective sharing of information and experience, for example internships. I appreciate the professional approach of my colleagues from INCD and all the cooperation so far, and I look forward to its further development."

„Our collaboration, particularly during times of conflict, has not only strengthened our mutual relationship but also showcased the resilience of our partnership. In the face of shared threats, this Memorandum of Cooperation reaffirms our commitment to standing together, leveraging technology, and fostering cybersecurity awareness as we navigate the evolving landscape of the digital world. This alliance is not just a testament to diplomatic ties; it is a strategic alliance for safeguarding our collective security and embracing a future of technological resilience,“ said Gaby Portnoy, director general of INCD.

The cooperation in the field of cyber security dates back to 2013, when the contact between two agencies was established. Since then, cyber security has been a crucial part in the relations between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel. In addition, strategic dialogue and expert discussion are taking place between the two agencies. That provides an opportunity for both sides to exchange best practices in all areas of cyber security and, last but not least, to share important information.