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Lukáš Kintr
Since July 1, 2022

Lukáš Kintr is the Director of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB). In 2015, he joined the National Cyber Security Centre (NCKB), which was part of the National Security Bureau until 2017, as a cyber security auditor and later became the head of the audit department at NÚKIB.

Since September 2019, he served as Deputy Director of NÚKIB for the management of the NCKB, the section responsible for setting the strategy for ensuring and enforcing cybersecurity in the Czech Republic, for the activities of the government's CERT, for negotiations and cooperation with national and international partners as well as for conducting cybersecurity exercises.

Deputy Directors:

  • Martin Smrčka - Information Security Division
  • Věra Vojáčková - Legal and Administrative Division
  • Tomáš Krejčí - National Cyber and Security Center Division
  • Pavel Štěpáník - Strategic Affairs and Engagement Division