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National cyber and information security research program identifies preferred research topics, whose stable support is crucial for achieving the goals of NCISA with regard to contemporary and future needs of the country in the field of cyber and information security.


The main research topics are in the area of research of critical information infrastructure, systems of providers of fundamental services, protection of classified information in information and communication systems and development of cryptographic security tools.

Research and development of the agency is done in agreement with the requests and needs of the country according to the activities of the agency defined in act 181/2014 Sb. (act about cybersecurity and changes of related acts) and act 412/2005 Sb. (act about protection of classified information and about security competence).

Majority of NCISA’s research, development or innovative projects have forms of public contract and are solved by contractors. Projects focus on these areas:

  • Applied cryptographic research
  • Development of special measuring devices and technologies for protection against compromising radiation
  • Research and development cryptographic tools used for protection of classified information
  • Research and development in cybersecurity

Forms needed for submission of supply proposals: (Only in Czech language)

Nabídka dodavatele o řešení projektu výzkumu a vývoje
Zdůvodnění návrh
Prohlášení podnikatele - fyzické osoby
Prohlášení podnikatele - právnické osoby
Souhrn formulářů pro nabídky výzkumu a vývoje

Contact person:

Ing. Andrea Vašků
tel.: +420 245 004 343

In the Czech Republic, there are many cybersecurity research project. You can find an overview of publicly supported research projects in database of Czech technological agency STARFOS. Each project comes with detail information about its solver, finance and achieved goals. Provided link is set to show you all realized project in cybersecurity since 1993.

Additional source of information about research projects supported through public funding is Information system of research, experimental development and innovations.

In the Czech Republic, there are several providers of public funding for research of cyber and information security. Calls for projects can be found of websites of these providers.

Our agency also provides more information about public support and funding of cyber and information security research in our regularly published newsletter. NCISA also informs its partners about technological development trends in cyber and information security.